Please call (no texts) Scott Tedder at 765-517-1280.

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Thanks for your interest!

CHASSIS: 1-Mini rod, turn key, Advanced chassis, carbon fiber fenders, F-106 with billet aluminum carrier and pinion housing, 526 BAE/VENEY Hemi, call for details. 2-Rolling Mod Tractor chassis with planetary rearends, 1-wedge/1-tube chassis, both set up as twin Hemi crank to crank, call. 1-Super Modified Wedge TWD “Barbwire” Rockwell rearend PR75 planetaries, aluminum rims, flip top Dodge fiberglass body, call.

INTAKE MANIFOLDS & CYLINDER HEADS: Veney and Total Flow.  Alan Johnson Hemi intake, call.

BLOWERS/SUPERCHARGERS: More coming soon, call.

BLOWER BELTS: New Star Racer blower belts, various sizes. Call for details.

PULLEYS: New and Used 8mm, 13.9 & 14 mm GT, HTD pulleys. New & Used Hemi & BBC idler bracket assemblies w/idler pulleys, $200-375 each.

FUEL INJECTION HATS/INJECTORS: 1-MAGNESIUM Enderle Bird Catcher, 1-Aluminum Buzzard catche...

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